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Taylor HulsmansJuly 2022
By Taylor Hulsmans

0.1 The Defi ’Metagame’

One of the ideas I was most excited about within the CAW manifesto was theprospect of using EIP-712 signatures to add cryptographic incentive structuresto basic Twitter functionalities such as tipping. It would make a modest effi-ciency gains, and the security problem of a user creating more signatures thanavailable funds doesn’t really matter apart from a few people coming out withless tips than they thought. While programming the initial prototype, it be-came apparent to me that this principle is generalizable to a class of gameswhere security is pragmatically risked or proxied for reputation in the nameof efficiency and speed. Ideas like Honourboxes, bar tabs, blank cheques, and,what some would call the grail, the undercollateralized defi debt obligation. Itis my hopes that as more projects integrate with Tardigrade, that the densityof the graph increases, increasing the amount of security that can be proxiedout with reputation in the name of efficiency gains, providing a flywheel effect.

0.2 Tardigrade ”Flywheel”

While Tardigrade has no native token, a flywheel effect can be visualized wheregas costs are saved using metagames, building reputations, which opens up moreusers to higher risk- higher efficient metagames. By design, Tardigrade tries tobe as bare metal as possible to maximize the potential for composability, so asmore projects integrate Tardigrade, this flywheel aught to spin faster and fasterwith increasing network density, horizontal integration of integrated dapps andthe depth of the deposit boxes enabling a greater degree of insurances.