Contributing to Caw: Coders’ Cacophony

I choose Cawdrivium, a social network for the classically liberal arts for several reasons. The first
being the ethics conversation of permanent data, A host of individuals in my country got to experience
what it was like to have the authorities break into their social media accounts to make the ‘assume-theworst-of-them’ accusations of their intent and character. And, as the world drives towards the
extremes, and tolerance fades, this sort of behaviour will become all too common. With traditional
social media, one can delete themselves from the informationscape, but that will not be possible here. I
feel that algebra, geometry, music and astronomy are conservative focal points for permanent identity
that doesn’t cause more problems than good looking years or decades into the future.

The $CAW token is a community focal point for decentralized social networks to which I have taken
keenly towards. It is a robust technologically and the manifesto is on point to the realities of social
media. I am building Cawdrivium as a source of inspiration for all future Caw implementors and to
create a new vision of global education and the affordment of the autonomy of the mind to each other.
Come, let us Educate ourselves educating each other, let us become a nation of innovators, instead of a
nation of imitators, let us create together the lapis quadratus, a nation of philosopher kings.

For the unfained lovers of knowledge,
Taylor Hulsmans