CAW A Hunters Dreams


Hunters Dream is a decentralized financial payment network, which rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain. It uses a basket of stablecoin pegged to legal currencies to stabilize the algorithm through its reserve currency caw, so as to promote the development of programmable payment and open financial infrastructure.

 Token Information:

Token name: CAW (A Hunters Dream)

Total supply: 666,666,666,666,666 CAW

Contract: 0xf3b9569F82B18aEf890De263B84189bd33EBe452

Coinmarketcap Information!

My First Post

This post is dedicated to explaining why I have decided to create this website for CAW.
Basically I see it as a very good idea to create a decentralized social network through the Blockchain and I wanted to contribute something to this project.
From what you see the web is too simple. See if it is possible later to improve the web.
I would like to thank the work of those volunteer developers who have started to look at the contract and start implementing the social network.
Since CAW is a decentralized token without any leader, that means decisions are solely up to the community and developers.
In the future I would like to implement an election system on this website so that you can also participate, make proposals and make decisions about how the project will go.

Remembering the basis of any project and anything always depends on the community. It is time for that to be fulfilled.

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